Why Total IT Data Protection?

The Pinnacle Group’s Total IT Data Protection service provides state of the art, turn key data protection. Total IT’s data protection feature integrates into your company’s existing disaster recovery strategy and is cloud based, capable of protecting both physical and virtual environments. When you use the Pinnacle Group’s highly skilled engineering team to manage your organization’s data protection solution, your company’s IT team is free to focus on delivering innovation that adds value to your business.

Key Features And Benefits

Inline Deduplication

  • Inline deduplication significantly reduce storage needs, bandwidth requirements, and backup costs.  By deduplicating data as it is received the time required to complete full backup and replication is significantly reduced.

Virtual Machine Integration

  • Customer using Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere have flexible backup options that include guest and image-level backups.
  • Only new, changed, deduplicated data chunks are transferred across the virtual/physical infrastructure.


  • Replication technology allows customers to securely send data to the Cloud or another backup target.

Offsite Data Vault

  • Offsite data vaulting is a customizable service for customers that have aggressive data retention policies.
  • With offsite data vaulting the customer determines where and for how long the data is retained allowing the company to meet its data retention requirements in a cost effective manner.

Near Continuous Data Protection

  • Backups of mission critical servers can be performed every 15 minutes through the use of Backup Agents.
  • Agents only search for new or changed files, minimizing the  bandwidth and time required to complete backups.

Data Recovery

  • In physical server environments customers are able to perform bare metal restores.
  • In virtual environments customers benefit from fast image-based restores.

Disaster Recovery

  • Customers protecting their VMware environment have the option to leverage standby infrastructure if their own virtual environment goes down.
  • Customers replicating to the Cloud can boot multiple VMs directly from the standby infrastructure and assign private or public addresses to the devices.

Next Steps and Pricing

  • Contact your Pinnacle Group sales representative to schedule a complimentary meeting to discuss your data protection needs
  • Pricing varies based on the amount of data to be protected and the feature set selected