We need an intelligent and dynamic learning system to deal with the threats of tomorrow. Threat-Zero Active Security was envisioned and engineered to detect previously unseen threats and sophisticated, coordinated attacks. It is also an excellent forensic tool to analyze traffic and event patterns and pinpoint the sources of malicious activity. Flow/EventRiskiq is a highly effective indicator of malicious intent of individual flows in the system, and the dynamic computation of indices enables the cyber security defenses to base their actions on cognitive/AI powered algorithms organized on tensor arrays that are continuously updated by the network traffic. This represents a paradigm shift in the way that the custodians of data deal with the threats faced on the Internet: the byte-signature, “already seen” threat, approach to security is a barrier that we have crossed; you are now equipped with the intelligence to identify and deal with new threats and coordinated malicious attacks on your network.

Threat-Zero has engineered cognitive abilities that enable continuous machine learning, and the application of AI algorithms. By using tensor-based structures and operations, we are able to distill the findings to accurately detect, learn and predict the entropy in events and flows, and quickly calculate the risk. The applications for this new technology are endless: from Emergency Operations Centers to Public Safety Systems and government institutions, from their use in critical infrastructure such as airports to the energy sector and power grid security, as well as in the healthcare and financial sectors, and within Cloud and Internet Service Providers.

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