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Complaints site aims to right consumer wrongs

People angry with companies and governments can now share their pain via a crowd-sourced complaints site. Created by notorious tech entrepreneur John McAfee, the Brownlist aims to find solutions for people treated badly by organisations. Mr McAfee said the site was a way to channel impotent anger into something more positive. Ultimately, he said, the…

John McAfee at Def Con: Don’t Use Smartphones

LAS VEGAS – John McAfee, a pioneer of antivirus software, made a surprise appearance at a hacker conference here to warn that smartphone apps spy on consumers. He also mentioned death threats from people in Belize, smoking marijuana while listening to a Bible recording, the age of consent and the popular computer program that, until…

The Pinnacle Group ranking # 390 on CRN’s 2014 Solution Provider 500 list!

The Pinnacle Group, today announced it has been named to the 2014 Solution Provider 500 (SP500) list by The Channel Company’s CRN. The list ranks the top revenue-generating technology integrators in the U.S. and Canada whose forward-thinking approach to the channel has helped them evolve and thrive in today’s cloud and services-driven IT era. The…

Hacker calls health security ‘Wild West’

Kevin Johnson is a professional hacker — albeit a self-described ethical one. As head of the security consulting firm Secure Ideas, his job involves probing into organizations’ networks and applications to identify vulnerabilities. And what he sees in healthcare terrifies him. Johnson, who will moderate a panel ­– “Frontline Perspective: Combating Cyber Crime in Healthcare”…

How to Support BYOD without Putting Your Company at Risk

There is a way businesses can embrace BYOD while still ensuring security of corporate data. Download this white paper to learn more about BYOD support that makes sense for both your users and your company. Read More

Top 5 Reasons to Deploy Desktops as a Service (DaaS)

Desktops as a service (DaaS) may be an excellent fit for organizations that need new end-user computing solutions. This whitepaper explores the top 5 reasons organizations are deploying DaaS as a solution to the challenges of the mobile-cloud era. Read More

The Smart Disaster Recovery Strategy: Desktops as a Service (DaaS)

Many businesses are turning to Desktops as a Service (DaaS) for an affordable, easy way to ensure worker productivity and business continuity, whenever or wherever disaster strikes. Download this white paper to learn more. Read More

Virtual Desktops in the Cloud: Changing the Face of Desktop Security

It’s a logical evolution for virtual desktops to be provided as a service from a cloud based provider. This paper will briefly examine how organizations can reduce the security risk of Desktops as a Service. Read More

Why Desktops in the Cloud Make More Sense for You Now

Physical desktop computer infrastructures no longer make sense for the corporate world. While virtual desktop infrastructure seems like a promising alternative, in reality it is too costly and complex for most companies. Read this white paper to learn how – by moving virtual desktops to the cloud, instead of an internally deployed and managed data…