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Data Protection – so much more than just backups

Data Protection spans several areas

Company, Product, and Customer information are the crown jewels of your organization, and like a diamond, protection of that data has a number of facets. It needs to be backed up (always), archived (sometimes), copied for other uses (usually) and that’s just the operational facet.

There’s also the need to secure your data from accidents and malicious actions. You must guard against data leakage, which can be catastrophic to your company and its reputation. You need to control who has access to your data, and when. There’s just so much to do, and time and budgets are never enough.

We can help you with

  • backup and recovery tools to protect from ransomware and accidents
  • comprehensive security knowledge to help you confidently build your protection
  • tools and experience to guard against data leakage and regulatory violations

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