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Services Are The Difference Between Riding In An Airplane And Building One.

Internal IT staffs are often pulled in many directions, stretched just to keep daily operations running. The Pinnacle Group’s services help you deploy new technology quickly so you get quicker time to value, but we’re equally adept at helping with those “important but not urgent” tasks and projects that easily get shuffled to the back burner.

We Can Help With Everything From Initial Installations To Decommissioning.

  • Deployments
  • Network – tuning, analysis, upgrades, rollouts
  • Security – email & web filtering and malware protection, wireless, firewalls, audits
  • Storage & server performance & tuning
  • Backup & data continuity design, deployment, review (in-cloud or on-premise)
  • Disaster recovery / Data continuity planning, testing
  • Legal compliance – archiving of email, documents, web content, social media for e-discovery and other requirements
  • Decommissioning

Don’t See What You Want?

Years ago, our Director of Engineering Services saw a small, handmade sign in a customer’s office. It said, “If it can’t be done, it interests me.” Let’s talk about what we might do that would make you and your business more successful.