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Since Pretty Much Everything I Have Is Virtualized, Why Should I Care About Servers?

Servers are still the heart of IT, and therefore the heart of your business. The healthier your heart, the more you can do. The same is true in business. Some applications run or scale better on certain kinds of servers. Some applications may make sense to consume from “The Cloud”. We know servers, and we can help you make the best choices: when to deploy rack mounts, when to use blades, when to use ultra-scale-out and when to scale up.


I Have Legacy Apps That I Have To Keep Running! What About Me?

We can supply upgrades and replacements for most legacy systems:

  • HP 9000 (L, N, 5400/7400/8400 /Superdome)
  • IBM AS/400 and iSeries
  • Sun servers
  • Cisco routers & switches
  • EMC
  • Netapp
  • and many more

Call us today and let us help you go home earlier and sleep better.


How Does This Fit With “The Cloud”?

Servers are just one component of a Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud strategy, and it’s important to make your purchases with that long term goal in mind. We can help you avoid purchases that don’t further your goals, or take you off your path.

How Does This Fit With “The Cloud”?

If you’re considering a private or hybrid cloud strategy, we can help you avoid wasting money on dead-end storage that won’t help you get there. We know storage, and we can bring the right technology from the right vendor to fit your business’s needs, both today and tomorrow. Call us, and let’s get started together.


What Kinds Of Possibilities Are There?

For small and medium business, a variety of entry-priced systems with enterprise features to support your growing business. Data replication for disaster recovery, for example, or backup to the Cloud. For larger customers, we can craft multiple datacenter replication, and using virtualization, a complete disaster-avoidance strategy, perhaps using self-managing storage that optimizes data placement and tuning for you, so your DBAs and storage managers have more time for high-value activities. What if you could have a recovery point of Zero, and a recovery time of minutes, with no distance limitation? Now, more than ever, if you can imagine it, the tools exist to make it reality.


There’s Never Been A Time With More Changes And Improvements In Storage.

New capabilities. More storage for your money. More ways to make storage serve your business needs. And while that’s exciting for your business, all those options can also be a bit intimidating. We help you deal with the bewildering array of storage vendors and capabilities by bringing our experience and understanding of traditional and emerging manufacturers to work with you.