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Why Would I Want To Consider “Cloud”?

The transition to Cloud means your IT can become as responsive as the rest of your business demands. As an IT professional, you know that other parts of your business can buy IT services with a click and a credit card, even though you’re still responsible for protecting the company’s information. Keep your company’s information securely in your control while satisfying the business need for IT agility and responsiveness by building what they want to use.

As your cloud expert, you can rely on The Pinnacle Group to provide you with the latest information, trends, best practices, and challenges with your CLOUD buying process. Below are some of the latest assets that can help you learn more and prepare for your CLOUD strategy.


What’s The Difference Between Private Cloud And The Way I’ve Been Building And Providing IT?

First, cloud computing implies a level of self-service for your users and business units. To get to self-service, you need to build in automation, monitoring, and reporting to your infrastructure. But the real key is a change to helping your business‘s people to get their work done and needs met in ways that help them help themselves.  When you’re doing that, both you and your business win.

Check out a few of the top CLOUD products and solutions below that can help you with your CLOUD strategy.

How Can I Get Started With Cloud?

Call or email your Pinnacle representative. We’ll meet with you to get familiar with your business and your challenges, then produce a plan with you to move you from today’s IT to an environment that you can manage more easily, and free up more of your IT department’s time for creating new business value.