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Vigilant Monitoring and Management of Zero Trust Environments

Protect your network with a managed security operations center (SOC) designed specifically for the rigors of Zero Trust.

In today’s threat landscape, letting your guard down for even a moment can be disastrous. Your data center, network endpoints, and cloud services are all vulnerable to cyberattack 24/7, demanding a level of readiness that most businesses can’t manage internally.

Cymbel (a Pinnacle Group company) has partnered with cybersecurity leader On2IT to provide our clients with around-the-clock managed security operations center (SOC) service. As one of the few SOC providers to achieve Palo Alto Networks partner status, the ON2IT team delivers a world-class set of capabilities to achieve maximum security vigilance and peace of mind.

Zero Trust Resource Center

We’re a Palo Alto Networks certified managed security services provider

SOC Solutions Built for Zero Trust Cybersecurity

Our managed security solutions leverage ON2IT’s proprietary Security Automation & Orchestration Platform (SAOP). SAOP features native integration with Palo Alto Networks products, providing businesses with a wide variety of benefits over a normal managed security services arrangement.

  • Security monitoring for Zero Trust environments
    SAOP is built for Zero Trust, including microsegmented networks and next-generation firewalls (NGFWs). We leverage these tools to deliver maximum visibility into the security status of your entire network environment.
  • Integrated security workflows
    Connect your on-premise and cloud platforms to SAOP, facilitating easy communication between your staff and the remote SOC team. This creates a more efficient threat management process and improves your overall security posture.
  • Advanced security automation
    SAOP automatically updates itself with data collected from your network environment, reducing false positives and focusing man-hours on only the most relevant threats.

Our SOC solutions provide a set of proprietary metrics and dashboards that its clients can use to gauge the health and efficacy of their Zero Trust environments.

Zero Trust Readiness Assessment
Provides continuous measurement of your existing cybersecurity posture against a set of defined security goals, helping CIOs and CISOs guide improvements in their environments.


Zero Trust Scoping & Fitness
A single dashboard that shows the performance of the technology and processes at the operational level, including both individual microsegments and globally across the entire network.


The Benefits of an Outsourced SOC Service

Organizations engage outside expertise because they want to a stronger security posture. With a specialized set of tools, world-class security talent, and a proven process for monitoring Zero Trust environments, we help organizations realize a vigilance and visibility they could never achieve internally.

Consistent and reliable security
The high demand for security personnel has made it difficult to hire and retain qualified cybersecurity staff. By outsourcing your security operations, you get the assurance that no matter who changes jobs or goes away on vacation, your organization’s security posture stays optimized.

Stronger compliance
ON2IT and Cymbel have built their solution to meet compliance standards including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FINRA/SEC, and others. With strong compliance features built natively into the SAOP platform, you’ll have the tools and insight you need to maintain compliance as you network evolves.

Managed SOC Solutions for Any Organization or Goal

As cyber criminals increasingly turn their sights to small and midsized business, it’s becoming clear that any organizations can benefit from having a team of security specialists protecting their network — no matter how big or small.

Cymbel and ON2IT have defended clients in a wide range of industries

  • Government agencies
  • Defense contractors
  • Financial services
  • Legal services
  • Healthcare providers

If you’d like to discuss the benefits of a managed SOC solutions and see if it’s right for your organization, contact the Cymbel team any time to find out more. We’d be happy to walk you through the details our solutions and discuss how we can customize them to meet your organizational needs.

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